Brad Paisley crashes nurses Zoom Meeting

BRAD PAISLEY recently worked his way into a Zoom call during Vanderbilt University's 2020 State of Nursing event. Over 600 nurses took part in the call at different times, and they were a very good audience.

He started out by interrupting a guy who seemed to be running the show. He said, quote, "Wait, wait, wait. Haven't these nurses been through enough [without] being put through this presentation right now? I'm here to save these nurses."

He gave props to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, calling it "fine-tuned and exquisite." And then cracked a few more jokes before getting to the point and thanking the nurses for what they do.

He also grabbed his guitar and took requests for anything EXCEPT "Free Bird". He ended up playing "No I in Beer", which includes the very appropriate lyric, "Every nurse that needs a break, let me buy you a drink . . . there ain't no 'I' in beer." 

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