Craig Morgan's new song is so good- Blake Shelton wants it to go #1

BLAKE SHELTON is on a campaign to make the whole world hear CRAIG MORGAN's song,"The Father, My Son, and the Holy Ghost"

Craig wrote it in honor of his late son Jerry, who died three years ago in a tubing accident. It's heartbreaking and real, and it clearly touched Blake. He hit up Twitter on Monday with a link to the song on Apple Music.

He captioned it, "I would gladly give up my spot on country radio to get this song on. Wow, Craig. You blow me away, brother. There's nothing easy or fun about writing a song like this but sometimes it's just something you gotta do."

That was the beginning. Later that day he Tweeted, "Come on everybody. This song deserves to be #1 on iTunes. Tweet your friends, tag the song. All people need to do is hear it once. They will want to own it. It deserves to be recognized."

Thanks to tons of reTweets, replies, and likes, the song took off . . . and as of last night it was #7on the iTunes Country Top 10. 

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