What is Alabama's Signature Snack Food?


You can really learn a lot about a state from its signature SNACK FOOD.

Buzzfeed just put together a list of the snack food that every state is known for.

A lot of the picks are hard to argue with, like French fries for Idaho . . . Whoopie Pies for Maine . . . fried cheese curds for Wisconsin . . . salt water taffy for New Jersey . . . chips and salsa for Texas . . . and Jell-O for Utah.

The most disappointing? Yogurt for New York. Yogurt? 

But most importantly what did they pick for Alabama?

The moon pie! If you've never had one, you're not really an Alabamian are you??

OF course, they are made with two graham crackers, marshmallow filling dipped in chocolate.

Photo: Getty Images

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