Is this RAP song country??

This is ironic. Last week Billboard yanked the Lil Nas X viral rap song"Old Town Road"from their Hot Country Songs chart . . . because it "didn't embrace enough elements of today's country music."

Well, now it's at #53 on their Country Airplay chart, because that chart measures what's getting played on country stations. 

Just to be clear, even though the Hot Country Songschart includes radio airplay too, it also includes digital sales and streaming. But if we all started playing"Baby Shark", even something as silly as that would make the Country Airplaychart.

That said,"Old Town Road"did get some help from the BILLY RAY CYRUS remixwhere he does the first verse. 

And it got tons of airplay from"The Bobby Bones Show". . . plus a little love from a station in Madison, Wisconsin that played it 14 times. Nobody else played it more than five times during the measuring period. 

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