Doing Good: Local woman gets AMAZING surprise!!!

Check out this letter we got for our Doing Good segment from local listener Brittany:

Hello, i want to share with you guys something WONDERFUL the company Carhartt did for my family!

A couple of weeks ago Andrea lost her wedding ring. She felt like it had fallen off at Dollar General. She looked and looked for the ring for a few days but never found it. She has been devastated knowing she lost this treasured ring.

During this same week she returned a package to Carhartt.

Today, my daddy checked their mail and they had a letter from Carhartt. Inside the letter was her RING! The hand written letter explained how someone in returns found this ring inside the package she returned and they wanted to be sure she got it back!!

Today’s lesson: there are still honest people in this world! It’s amazing someone we don’t even know went through the trouble to make sure she received her ring!

I have posted this story on Facebook and received more than 650+ likes and 35+ shares. I think people should know how wonderful this particular major company is!


Brittany Scoggins

Shoutout to Carhartt for doing the right thing, this is AWESOME! Thank you so much to Brittany for sharing it with us!

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