Lights Out: A Stab In The Dark | Atrox Factory

You sign a waiver. You get a glow stick! Atrox Factory turns out the lights.

Lights Out! has all the intense Scares of Atrox Factory® with one slight difference: going through mostly in the dark. Get ready for the most "shocking" night of your life, and help Camp Bridges Foundation.

But be warned, the creatures within Atrox will attempt to take your glow stick. So protect your glow stick, so you're not left alone in the dark: get tickets here!

Learn more about the Camp Bridges Foundation's mission:

  • Our mission is to provide camps and programs at no cost for pre and post transplant children, teens, young adults and their families from Alabama and neighboring states.
  • We create a fun and educational environment for heart, kidney, liver, and lung transplant recipients that encourages positive self image and healthy transplant living.
  • Those served receive and provide peer support and form lasting friendships to better cope with the unique challenges of transplantation.


This attraction is intense and mostly total darkness. We do not recommend Lights Out for anyone under the age of 16. As you enter Atrox Factory, you will be required to sign a waiver and anyone under 16 must have an adult/guardian present.

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