Chris Janson's prayer for Dollar Bill

There is something you need to know about artist Chris Janson…he’s a great guy!  

I’ve known Chris for about 3 years, and have been impressed by his amazing talents as a song writer and performer, but even more so, as a wonderful and decent human being.  He’s been so successful having written or performed some huge hits like his “Buy Me A Boat”, “Fix A Drink”, “ Power Of Positive Drinking” and “Drunk Girl”.  He wrote LoCash’s “I Love This Life”, Tim McGraw’s “Truck Yeah” and  songs for artist like Hank Jr., Randy Houser, Joe Nichols, Parmalee, Craig Campbell and others. 

He’s a busy guy, but carves out time consistently for his wife, Kelly Lynn and 4 children, because that is what matters most to him.  

He was in Birmingham recently for the first-ever concert at Region’s Field.  I was back-stage meeting with him, artist Jordan Davis and headliner Jake Owen. I’ve had some serious health issues the past 6 months, and now struggle with some mobility issues, and have to use a walker, carefully, to get around, and have lost a lot of weight.  Just before going on stage, he and his representative from his label, Warner Brothers Records, Ray Vaughn walked over to me and asked if they could have a private moment with me.  

I said sure, and then was amazed and so moved when we three huddled together, and Chris said the most meaningful and touching prayer for my health and for healing.  He asked God to watch over me, help me in many ways, find peace, and healing for my health problems!  It was so personal, so powerful and sincere, and straight from his caring heart.  

He and Ray both told me several times they loved me, and then Chris went on stage to give the enthusiastic crowd an astounding show!  His powerful gesture, sincerity and love, left me humbled, deeply touched emotionally and happy.  In this world of fast-paced life, unending streams of negativity, horror in the news, and just plain meanness; it was unbelievable to have this artist, take a moment to do such a meaningful, sincere and kind thing for another person!  God  bless you Chris Janson and Ray Vaughn.

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