Carly Pearce and Michael Ray are dating!!! ---we think

It looks like CARLY PEARCE and MICHAEL RAY are dating.  No one's confirmed it yet, but there are clues.  He posted a photo of himself on Instagram, and she commented with a drooling emoji and a fire emoji.

He joked that they should go to Golden Corral, and she responded with "steakhouses are the way to my heart."  Okay, that's just flirting, but then this happened.

Somebody asked him about it yesterday during an interview and he tried to be vague, but failed.  Quote, "I think when it comes time to talk about the dating life, it'll come out.  But she's a great girl.  I think that she's an incredible person.

"And right now, everything on both ends are about both of our singles and our music and, it'll come out.  She's great.  I'm a big fan.  I'll leave it at that."

And then later in the interview, somebody asked how he spends his time off the road and he seemed to refer to her again.  Quote, "The little bit of free time that we have is spent mainly at my house, not doing too much. 

"But, yeah, that's changed a little bit, you know.  Some person got added into it, so it's been better.  My time off's been better.  She's a homebody too, so we connect real well.  So a lot of old country music is listened to."

(They then each posted the same pic to Instagram late last night with a caption of how one random night "changed everything."  Are you convinced?  I am.)

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