Lady Antebellum gives UGA commencement address!

Lady Antebellum's Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood had a very important speaking gig over the weekend.

On Friday afternoon, Charles and Dave returned to the University of Georgia to give the commencement speech at their alma mater's graduation ceremony. Although they prefaced their speeches by reminding the crowd that they're now known for their music, not their public speaking, they each managed to score several laughs and cheers from the audience.   

Dave was calm and collected as he looked back on his days at the university. He even shared the story of the first time he and Charles wrote a song together.

Charles was a bit more nervous than his band mate, and he made it known several times during his speech. Fortunately, years of being onstage and interacting with an audience made his nerves more charming than awkward, as he shared some life-after-college advice with the graduates. He ended his speech by appealing to those who made it possible for the graduates to be there -- their parents.

Dave and Charles concluded their time onstage with an acoustic performance of "Georgia on My Mind."

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