Maren Morris is married! See the dress!

MAREN MORRIS and RYAN HURD made it official on Saturday.  They got married in Nashville, and Maren kept her word by wearing a short wedding dress just like her "badass mom."

She posted a photo of them kissing, and she captioned it, "My last turn home."  That's a reference to Tim McGraw's "Last Turn Home", which is the song she and Ryan co-wrote back they first met.

Ryan also shared a photo of them kissing on Saturday.  But the thing everyone's talking about is a song he co-wrote about her called "Diamonds or Twine"

He sang it for her last summer when they got engaged, but didn't let her know he was going to record it.  And then he released it late last week just in time for the wedding.  Maren is 27 and Ryan's 31.

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