Six things you NEED to clean more often!

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Spring cleaning is about stuff you only need to clean once a year, like your gutters or maybe your garage.  But here are six things you should be cleaning a lot more often than that . . .

1.  Your microwave.  You might think using it kills all the bacteria in there, but it doesn't.  So ideally, you should wipe it down once a week, and deep clean it every two weeks.

2.  Your bathtub, also once a week.  Not everyone has time for that, but here's some motivation.  A recent study looked in different places for the type of bacteria that causes staph infections.  Only 6% of garbage cans had it . . . compared to 26% of tubs.

3.  The inside of your fridge, once a month.  Salad and meat drawers can have 750 times more bacteria than what's considered safe.

4.  Your computer and your desk, once a week.  70% of Americans eat lunch at their desk . . . but 10% admit they almost NEVER clean their computer.

5.  Your pillows, every three months.  Most types can go right in the washer.  They might break down a little bit, but they won't last forever anyway.  Most pillows should be replaced every three years.  Or if you have really bad allergies, every six months.

6.  Your mattress, every two months.  Most people just flip it once a year, which you should also do.  But cleaning it is pretty easy.  Just sprinkle some baking soda on there . . . vacuum it up . . . and spray it with Lysol to kill any bacteria. 

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