Maren Morris is getting close to tying the knot

MAREN MORRIS is getting married sometime next month, but we don't know the date.  We do know she got together with Cassadee Pope, RaeLynn, Kree Harrison andat least 13 other friends for a bachelorette party.

They stayed inside instead of hitting a club . . . and they pounded margaritas, "danced like crazy," and sang a bunch of One Direction songs.

Maren posted a photo and wrote, "Not sure what I did in a past life to deserve these people, but I'm thankful."  RaeLynn posted a similar pic, and captioned it, "Love you so much, Maren.  So excited for you and Ryan[Hurd.]"  

If there's a honeymoon, it won't be too long because her upcoming schedule is tight.  Quote, "I get married next month [and] then I kind of go right into the studio after that to make the next album."

After that, she'll be going on the road with Niall Horan.  Quote, "I'm going to be gone for three months basically, and I have to do a lot of the pre-production for the album beforehand.

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