Did you know Brad Paisley is an artist?

BRAD PAISLEY is a talented fine artist.  You may remember that he drew all the animated characters in his "Crushin' It" video.  And then there's that painting he did of Demi Lovato's dog. 

This time he teamed up with a Nashville artist named Rob Hendon to do a graffiti-style mural on a wall inside Nashville's Bridgestone Arena.

Brad came up with the concept of a guitar being bitten apart by "Gnash" . . . which is the mascot of the Nashville Predators.  And then he did a design on his phone.

The final product is called "Smashville" and it celebrates Music City.  It features two guitars, an oversized catfish, a Batman logo, a cowboy hat, some high-rise buildings . . . and, of course, Gnash.

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