I've heard rock bands say being on the road is like a marriage.  You're constantly together and you're always on each other's nerves. 

And then there's THOMPSON SQUARE . . . they're a band, well a duo, and they really are married.  But KEIFER says he and SHAWNA get along better when they're on tour.  Quote, "Actually I think we're happier on the road. 

"When we're home too long, we start to hate each other.  We invite other people over so we won't get a divorce."

He's joking about the divorce part but not the arguing.  Quote, "We fight like everyone else.  But it's also extremely rare these days to find two people who sing so well together and have that kind of harmony.

"Most people don't want to spend that much time together, you know?  We do.  We're that needle in a haystack."

He's also come to terms with one key part about having a successful marriage.  Quote, "She always has to win in the end."