CLICK HERE for pics that show the EVOLUTION of Miley- then and now.  WOW!

MILEY CYRUS Tweeted a picture of a woman along with a message to her dad BILLY RAY saying, quote, "Since you won't reply to my texts I'm giving you an hour to tell the truth or I'll tell it for you."  Turns out she's a woman Billy Ray did a Broadway show with last year.  The implication is that he's been having an affair with her.  Miley quickly deleted the Tweet, though.


On "The View" yesterday, KRIS JENNER revealed why KIM KARDASHIAN and KANYE WEST named their daughter NORTH.  She said, quote, "The way [Kim] explained it to me was that North means Highest Power, and she says that North is their highest point together.  And I thought that was really sweet."


PAULA DEEN'S son JAMIE said there's no way Paula could be racist, because when he was seven, she bought him HANK AARON pajamas.  And she told him all about the struggles Hank faced in Major League Baseball because of his color. In other Paula Deen news, The Paula Deen cruise is apparently as popular as ever . . . and Radar Online says that before she goes on the air on the "Today" show this morning, Paula wants to personally apologize to AL ROKER


ROBERT PATTINSON partied with "50 Shades of Grey" author E.L. JAMES over the weekend.  So obviously, people are suggesting it means Rob will star in the movie adaptation.  But nobody knows that yet. 


Yesterday was the FOUR-YEAR anniversary of MICHAEL JACKSON'S death . . . and his fans left a MASSIVE amount of flowers outside his mausoleum.  Michael's brother RANDY thanked them on Twitter


JOHN MAYER and KATY PERRY were spotted kissing at a party for in New York City Monday night.  A witness says they were, quote, "smooching and rubbing one another’s backs.  They were affectionate towards one another."  They were also spotted holding hands after the party.