A guy who recently attended Wisconsin's Country Fest 2014 burned his foot on a grill, got struck by lightening, and had a seizure... and STILL managed to see Carrie Underwood and meet Randy Houser.

Gage Stroening and his friends were in the camping area grilling food when a gust of wind sent everything flying. Gage ended up stepping on the grill's hot plate and scorching his foot. As he sat on some stairs to ice it down, he grabbed the metal framing from under his camper just at the moment that lightening struck!

"It knocked me off of the stairs and then I had a SEIZURE," Gage said. "Imagine grabbing an electrical fence, but 10 times worse. And I've grabbed onto a fence like that, so I know."  (what???)

He was taken to a hospital for treatment and told to rest for a few days, but, instead, he went straight back to the festival. Gage stated, "It hurts to walk, but I've got pit passes to meet Randy Houser." Not to mention, he could NOT miss a performance by Carrie Underwood.  Carrie Underwood's legs would make any man feel better!!!

Talk about an unlucky, uhhhh, crazy, uhhhhhh, I mean dedicated fan!

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