SOCCER: The World Cup of Flopping

The World Cup has shown many examples of the worst part of soccer – the tendency of players to fall down and pretend they're hurt when there's contact with a player on the opposing side.

The Wall Street Journal decided to find out which country has been the worst through the first 32 games of the cup. (The study discounted serious injuries where players missed significant times in games.)

Brazil ended up with the most "injuries," with players going down and staying down 17 times over their first two games. Their best player, Neymar, had five such "injuries," the most on his team. In every case he was back on his feet within 15 seconds.

Honduras spent the most time on the ground or being tended to by trainers – seven minutes and 40 seconds. Five minutes and 10 seconds of that came in the first half against France when their match was tied.

The U.S players are just as guilty as the other teams – they tied for seventh with 12 "injuries" and spent the fifth most amount of time on the ground, six minutes and 21 seconds.

The toughest (or maybe most honest) team? That's Bosnia and Herzegovina. The World Cup newcomers haven't learned how teams work the refs – they only had two "injuries" in two games for a total of 24 seconds of writhing time.