Submit your music by August 7th, 2013. One contestant could go on to win $100,000 and be the next big thing in country music!

We will choose 10 finalists to perform at our Texaco Country Showdown Event at the Big Boys Toy Show on August 10th at the Hoover Met.
Contest Eligibility Requirements:

a. The act is not an act with over seven individuals.
b. The act has not performed on a record listed in Billboard within eighteen months preceding local competition.
c. Each act (if selected for a preliminary performance) has paid the $20.00 registration fee before performing live at the local competition
d. The act is not part of the local backup band nor are they related to any member of the local backup band by birth or marriage nor have they performed with the
local back-up band or any member of the local backup band for monetary compensation within the past year.
e. The act is not an owner, controlling stockholder or employee of and not related by birth or marriage, nor live in the same household as the local
Showdown judge, the radio station sponsoring the local Showdown contest, ChevronTexaco (or any national sponsor), SPI, or any employee, controlling stockholder, owner, officer
or agent of any of the foregoing parties.
f. The act has not already been declared a Local winner of a 2014 Country Showdown and eligible for State competition.
g. The act has never been a National Winner, either as an individual or as part of a group of the 2010, 2011, 2012, or 2013 Country Showdown.
h. The act must be at least 13 years of age or older. Any contestants under the age of 18 must submit an entry form signed by the contestant's parent or legal guardian.
Get more information about the contest at
There are 2 ways to submit your music:
1) Email an mp3 or link to a youtube video to Be sure to include all of your contact information!
2) Mail a CD of your song to
102.5 The Bull
C/O Texaco Country Showdown
600 Beacon Pkwy W.
Ste 400
Birmingham, AL 35209
**Please note: If you are selected to compete at the Texaco Country Showdown Event on August 10th, your music must be prepared in one of the following ways:
1) Soloists must provide a CD or mp3 player of their backup music. If the soloist also plays guitar, only the guitar may be used as backup music. A CD or mp3 player may not be used in conjunction with another instrument.
2) For bands, the performance will be ACOUSTIC ONLY! We will provide only microphones and Direct Inputs for acoustic instruments only.
One of the contestants could go on to win $100,000 and be the next big thing in country music!
Get more information about the contest at