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Brooke Hogan is planning to relaunch her music career this year, but now it looks like she’ll be returning as a country artist.

Hulk’s daughter has been dropping “Countdown to Country” teasers on instagram all month, with most of the updates mentioning a ‘Chevrolet’ - which is probably the title of her new country single.

“Songs are being recorded one after another, schedule is filling, blessings are coming, and I’m getting anxious,” Brooke wrote on Instagram. “Things are falling together piece by piece after years of work, reinvention, and planning. Things are sounding beautiful. Can’t wait for you to hear it.”

On top of the country stuff, Brooke also uploaded a clip of a new dance-pop song last month that she promised would be out later this year, which is quite confusing.


Which is it, Brooke? Are you supposed to be a country artist or a pop star? 

Photo: Getty Images